Best Kids Luggage 2016

Best Kids Luggage 2016

Whether your kids running away from home or are going on the annual family holiday, it is important that they have their very own bags. Educating children the obligations of packaging what they need for a trip and how to be responsible for their particular wheeled bags will be a valuable life lesson and, quite honestly, make them look adorable in the procedure. Here is our record of the highest user-reviewed kids’ bags.

Rewind the clock a couple of decades and children made do with packaging pieces and their bits in mum and dad’s suitcase. Not now. Today’s small ones have an entire world of child-focused bags to choose from, that range from the award winning Trunki to My First Samsonite’s themed sets of instances that seem to come in nearly every shape and size possible.

Beneath, you will discover a round up of the very best of them, so that when this summer, you decide to put money into additional bag for your offspring, you know that you are getting great value for money, practicality, durability and hopefully a little enjoyment.

Highest Rated Kids Luggage Comparison Chart

ImageProductPiecesPriceRatingBuy It
Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage, Monkey1$4.3/5download
Mercury Luggage Going to Grandma's Duffle1$$4.5/5download
Melissa & Doug Trunki1$$$4.8/5download
Stephen Joseph Little Boys' Rolling Luggage1$4.3/5download
Disney Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Luggage1$4/5download


Top 5 Best Kids Luggage Reviews

1) Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage, Monkey

Zoo friends roll along for travel fun. Little kids will love rolling through the airport or to Grandma’s with their own Zoo luggage. Sized perfectly for carry-ons and overnight trips, Zoo luggage is sturdy enough for everyday use or distant journeys. The detachable shoulder strap adjusts so adults can carry hands-free when little ones get tired. The front zip pocket with mesh divider make it easy to reach smaller items like snacks or books.

I recently bought this for my son as an adorable addition to his set of the duplicate monkey back pack and lunchie (lunch bag) from an identical line. Those two things are already loved by me and am impressed with this particular thing at the same time. The bag is suitably sized for a kid plus it causes it to be interesting for him to use when going. The wheels are not difficult to roll back or forwards as well as the thing looks well made for the cost, as is typical for other Skip Hop things I have possessed. The smaller front pocket has a divider that helps with organization as well as the cup/bottle holder on the side is a child-friendly add-on.

download (1)


2) Mercury Luggage Going to Grandma’s Wheeled Duffle

Make your overnight trip to grandma’s even more special with this adorable wheeled duffle that not only is functional, but will also make your little person feel big This wheeled duffle is constructed of 600 D polyester-so it will last for countless trips. This rip stop nylon material is not only durable, it is also easy to maintain. The kid’s bag has a single spacious zippered main interior compartment so there is plenty of room for clothes, pajamas and your favorite toy. There also is a large side pocket for those special belongings. The telescopic handle and inline skate wheels make it easy for your little one to maneuver their own bag. To complete your set, there also is a matching wheeled Upright and a backpack that can attach to either the wheeled duffle or the wheeled upright. The backpack attaches by a Velcro strap that goes across the back of the backpack.

I purchased one of these for every one of my granddaughters. They group them to bring toys, clothing and blankies together to stay at my home. They’ve had them for annually and both are in excellent condition. Before I received them plus they can be heavy duty, I used to be worried about building using the zippers. The girls continue to be little, 18 months and also have difficulties pulling on them but I am confident using the superb building they’ll hold together until they’re old enough to pull them.

download (1)


3) Melissa & Doug Trunki

With straps to pull, horns to hold, and sturdy wheels to keep it all moving, Trunki motivates children to handle their own “stuff” while the family is on the go—and offers all the tools to do it. Trunki’s large, wide-set wheels roll easily and resist tipping, so little travelers can tug along their travel gear by the sturdy pull-strap with ease. It’s great for pit stops too: At the gate, on the platform, or anywhere the family stops, Trunki makes a sturdy seat—so little ones always have a place to rest, even when all the chairs are taken. The contoured sides make it a comfy way to ride, too: Tired travelers can take a seat on the comfy saddle and coast along while a grown-up pulls.Comfortable to pull and with a sturdy body that stands up to frequent travel, Trunki is a kids’ suitcase that kids can truly manage on their own, bolstering self-esteem and self-sufficiency. Kids love to pack and pull Trunki, showing off their abilities and taking pride in their independence, and freeing up a hand for Mom or Dad in the process.

After looking at all of the reviews about the luggage compartment popping open I brought the Trunki for my 4 year old and was doubtful about it. I purchased it anyway if it did not survive the trip I would return it, thinking and pulled the trigger. When it came in the mail I was frightened to see specific instructions on replacing the latch after it pops off and looked over the directions. Taking a closer look I found that there is a couple steps that you should take to make sure the case would not open. I made sure before letting my 4 year old on both clips slid down and locked in them. I also did not over stuff it with stuffed animals and toys. It worked great I didn’t have any difficulties with the case opening. I would advocate utilizing the saddle should you believe it will pop open since it would be extra security). That being said The Trunki has definitely become my go to luggage for any and all of my future children. It gets an A+ from us!

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4) Stephen Joseph Little Boys’ Rolling Luggage

Packing will be fun with our stylish and durable rolling luggage. These bags are made of polyester with bright and colorful screen printed designs.

We are going away and everything my 2 year old needs fit nicely into this bag, including beach towel and swimmers – I’ll confess to really being a superb packer which means all clothes rolls. For kids a little older, there’s a lot of room to get a week at Grandma’s, although there wouldn’t be room for big cuddlies or larger toys. The zippers work nicely like Mother or Dad’s to make the small one feel grown up as well as the layout will do. Another reviewer suggested this might fit beneath the seat of an airplane. It’d definitely be not a problem in the luggage compartments over the seat, although I fly a good number and also this case looks a little too large for that. The zippers are powerful and colour matched, as is the stitching. I ‘ve nothing negative to mention relating to this event, and I rely firmly on customer reviews, and so I am hoping it will help. I wish so that I really could purchase another one, I ‘d another grandchild. All in all I have been very satisfied with this luggage piece

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5) Disney Pixar Cars 2 Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage

Disney Pixar Cars 2 inspired luggage suitcase. Stands 16″ high and 5″ wide, made with durable canvas material. Multiple compartments are spread out throughout this piece of luggage.

I’ll admit, after I received this item, I was a bit disappointed. Its a question of receiving something, although I have talked myself out of that not quite what you expected. I purchased this rolling bag for my 3 year old nephew – he will not get it so I will not know how great it is until then. He is a huge Automobiles fan, and he adores Lightning McQueen. I’ll swear it appeared as if the bottom half of the suitcase was hardshell, when I first saw images of the suitcase, along with the top half was cloth. Sadly the whole thing is cloth. That will not be a bad thing, but it was a certain difference once I opened the carton and so my first impression of this tote (also, it was shipped with no packing materials in the case so it had lost a few of its contour) wasn’t great. Once I pulled it out and did a trial run with clothes inside of it, which restored the contour, I had been much happier. Some more details – the wheels are typical, they’re less fine as the Spiderman bag I purchased for my other nephew (which is a hardshell). The material looks solid, as well as the zippers are not rough. It easily holds 21 size moderate tank tops, so I’d equate that to 21 pieces of kid’s clothes, but my mathematics could be off. :-) The highlight of the instance is the layout – it’s simply too adorable as the spitting image of McQueen once it is puffed out to its right contour. From all angles you visit a cute replica of the Cars star.

download (1)

Traveling with kids tips

Traveling with a family presents some challenges, while exploring the world with your kids is a remarkably rewarding experience. From remaining arranged to keeping everyone happy and entertained on the road, holidays with children, especially long-haul trips, can be a head ache. To help make your next family trip as stress-free as possible, take a look at our 5 tips for traveling with children.

1) Organize activities well in advance when traveling with children and freewheeling voyagers will need to buckle down. Pre-strategy as much as possible; figure out what to expect at the airport, in case you’ll need to bring a car seat for a rental car, what kind of shops will be at your own destination, what supplies you will have to bring from home, and which attractions will be age-appropriate for your children. Start by studying your destination at Fodor’s Travel. It also never hurts to assess the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Warnings and Travel Alarms before making strategies.

2) Children love being participants in family plans, so talk with them about your journey and, if they are old enough, ask them to do a bit of study, also. Ask your child to draw up a list of attractions, and supply a few websites they could visit or give them a Fodor’s guidebook he or she’s most interested in. In case your kids are still too small to help, get them involved in other manners. Talk about the trip and what it’ll be like. Show them pictures of some of the places you’ll go. Before setting out — the key thing is always to get your children excited–and calm any anxiety.

3) When traveling, be sure to produce an emergency kit packaged with prescription drugs, small toys, electronics (with backup batteries), bites, a change of clothing (for little ones), and anything else you may need before you pick up your checked bags at your destination. Make sure to purchase a bottle of water or two after you clear security; you never know if there will be a ground delay before takeoff and in those cases, stewardesses are often not permitted to serve drinks.

4) Where you stay is an important section of a successful family holiday and you’re going to wish to take into account both the place as well as the spaciousness of the room. Many hotels offer rooms that are adjoining or family suites, and leasing a house, villa, or condo can be an excellent alternative. What family doesn’t value the extra space, plus kitchen and laundry facilities?

5) As significant as it is to plan every one of the details of your family holiday, it is also significant to be aware of when to deviate from that strategy. Take your cues from your children and just take pleasure in the things that are making them happy.


Which Kids Luggage is best for you? 

So now the choice is all yours! You’ve seen the best kids luggage currently on the market and we feel confident that you are now armed with the right information to make a good luggage purchase that fits all of your children s’ needs. Keep in mind that durability in the end is your ultimate goal when choosing a luggage piece for your child to with. In the end safety of our cargo is the most important thing.  Also if you are currently looking to purchase yourself a new luggage set  please check out our Best Luggage Brands Page for additional information on specific luggage pieces. Safe Travels!

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